UK inflation holds steady at 6.7% despite Middle East conflicts


The UK’s inflation rate held steady at 6.7% in September, the same figure as August’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) amid concerns that escalating conflicts in the Middle East, including the crisis in Israel, could increase price pressures. This stability was attributed to lower costs for food and drink which offset rising fuel prices, leading to a slight dip in core inflation.

Jeremy Hunt suggested that adherence to the government’s economic strategy could result in inflation halving by year’s end, aligning with Rishi Sunak’s predictions. However, government ministers and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) cautioned of potential spikes in energy costs due to the intensifying turmoil in the Middle East. The inflation figure slightly surpassed analysts’ expectations, which had forecasted an inflation rate of 6.6%.

Looking forward, a forthcoming reduction in the Ofgem price cap might trigger a decrease in CPI this month. This development draws attention to the Bank of England’s upcoming interest rate decision, amidst optimism that the worst of inflationary pressures may have passed.


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