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New ATH in Q1, 2024? Analyst Shares Bold Prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

New ATH in Q1, 2024? Analyst Shares Bold Prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum


U.Today – As the cryptocurrency world remains in a state of perpetual flux, one analyst has recently shared a bold prediction that has piqued the interest of both optimists and skeptics alike. The prediction revolves around the prospect of Bitcoin (BTC) and (ETH) reaching new all-time highs (ATHs) by Q1, 2024. While some may see this as an enticing proposition, it is essential to examine the validity of such a forecast by juxtaposing it with historical data and current market .

Source: Comparing past with future: Drawing parallels with mid-2019 can be a risky approach. The cryptocurrency landscape has evolved immensely since then, with institutional investors taking center stage and governmental regulations becoming more defined. While history might repeat itself, the drivers behind the movements may vary significantly.

“Everything else follows”: The assertion that if and ETH surge, the rest will follow might be too simplistic. The digital asset ecosystem now comprises a multitude of coins and tokens, each with its unique use cases, partnerships and technological advancements. While BTC and ETH undeniably hold sway over the market, newer assets like Polkadot, Cardano or even niche NFT-based tokens can exhibit independent behavior.

“Final wipeout”: The concept of a final wipeout in Q1, 2024, leading to the establishment of higher lows, can be seen as a cautious approach, hinting at a potential bear market. While market corrections are natural, predicting an exact timeframe for such an event is challenging, given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Current narket indicators: Most commonly used market metrics indicate a relatively stable capitalization with a mild upward trend. Volume fluctuations and the Crypto Fear & Greed Index suggest that while there is a mix of optimism and caution, we are far from a state of “extreme greed” that typically precedes a sharp correction.

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