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Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Steps Down From Djing Amid Falling Earnings


David Solomon, Goldman Sachs CEO, has decided to step away from his hobby of public DJing under the name DJ D-SOL, amid growing concerns about its potential distraction from his role at the bank. This decision comes in the wake of eight consecutive quarters of declining earnings at Goldman Sachs, which fell from $3 billion to $1.88 billion. Tony Fratto, a representative from Goldman Sachs, confirmed Solomon’s decision this Wednesday.

As per InvestingPro data, Goldman Sachs has a market cap of 104.82B USD and a P/E ratio of 14.51. Despite the ongoing slide in earnings, as noted by an InvestingPro tip, management has been aggressively buying back shares. This could be a sign of confidence in the company’s future prospects.

Goldman Sachs’ shares have seen a significant rise since Solomon took over in 2018. The shares have increased by approximately 40% but have dipped by more than 8.4% this year due to various challenges. These include fewer businesses seeking deals, rising inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, sluggish markets, and a 6% drop in bond, currency, and commodities trading. Interestingly, the company’s shares are trading near a 52-week low, according to InvestingPro Tips.

Goldman Sachs is currently taking steps to restructure its business model. It is selling off its GreenSky business and stepping back from its growing consumer lending sector. The bank’s return on equity currently stands at 7.1%, which is below the typical goal of above 10%. Despite these challenges, Goldman Sachs has experienced a 1% increase in investment banking revenues and an 8% surge in equities trading.

Solomon remains optimistic about the future of Goldman Sachs despite these challenges. He expects a “stronger platform for 2024,” indicating that he believes the bank’s restructuring efforts will yield positive results in the coming year. This optimism aligns with the InvestingPro tip that analysts predict the company will be profitable this year.

This shift in focus at Goldman Sachs comes as rival bank JP Morgan reports a surge in Q3 profits of 35% to $13.2 billion. Comparatively, Goldman Sachs’ Q3 results show a significant drop in profits. However, with Solomon’s decision to step away from DJing and focus solely on his role as CEO, Goldman Sachs could be positioning itself for a stronger performance in 2024. For more in-depth analysis and tips, consider checking out InvestingPro which offers additional insights.


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