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BTC to $120,000: Top Trader Henrik Zeberg Shares Epic New Bitcoin Price Prediction

BTC to $120,000: Top Trader Henrik Zeberg Shares Epic New Bitcoin Price Prediction


U.Today – In a recent market analysis, renowned trader and financial market analyst Henrik Zeberg has set the crypto community abuzz with his new epic Bitcoin price prediction. According to Zeberg, Bitcoin has embarked on a trajectory that could see it soar to $120,000.

Known for his accurate forecasts, the expert draws parallels between current market conditions and previous instances in 2017 and 2020, highlighting a striking resemblance in the current correction phase. With an optimistic tone, he speculates that history will repeat itself in 2024, anticipating a bullish surge in Bitcoin’s value.

Backing his prediction with a detailed Bitcoin price chart, Zeberg illustrates the patterns and key levels supporting his optimistic outlook. The chart serves as a visual representation of the trader’s analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of a potential upward trajectory for the leading cryptocurrency.

Source: Negentropic

Altcoin season

This forecast comes hot on the heels of Zeberg’s earlier prediction regarding Bitcoin dominance. Just a week prior, he noted a clear rollover of RSI and MACD, signaling a potential top in Bitcoin’s dominance. Despite this, Zeberg maintains that BTC still has room for upward movement in the coming months, setting the stage for an intriguing dynamic between Bitcoin and altcoins.

In an unexpected twist, Zeberg foresees a period where altcoins could outshine BTC on the market. Anticipating an altcoin season, he suggests that the rally led by Bitcoin may be surpassed by altcoins, ushering in a phase of increased bullishness and FOMO.

If history repeats itself, crypto enthusiasts may witness a remarkable surge to $120,000, reshaping the landscape of the market in the coming months.

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