Biden pledges support for Israel following Hamas attacks

Investing.com — President Joe Biden on Tuesday pledged support for Israel and said his administration would be urging Congress to take action to fund additional military assistance to Israel. 

“When Congress returns, we will ask them to take urgent action to fund the national security requirements of our critical partners,” Biden said, reiterating the U.S. support for Israel.  

“In this moment, we must be crystal clear,” Biden said. “We stand with Israel. We stand with Israel.”

“Israel has the right to respond and a duty to respond to the vicious attacks [carried out by Hamas],” Biden added, condemning the attack as “sheer evil,” and pledging to provide Tel Aviv with further military aid. 

“We’re gonna make sure that Israel does not run out of these critical assets to defendants cities in its citizens,” Biden added. 

Following the attacks by Hamas, Israel has ramped up airstrikes on Gaza, and called up about 360,000 reservists, to go on the offensive against Hamas. 


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